Delhi government will launch Employment Market 2.0 portal

By | October 29, 2021
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Delhi government will launch Employment Market 2.0 portal – Friends, in today’s post there is a very good news for the youth. Which we are going to tell you in detail. But before that there are some questions to which the answer is only one thing. What do young people need? What do young people want? What do young people need to meet the needs of their families? Why do most of the youth leave their village and run towards the city.

If we look mainly, then there is only one answer to all these questions, that is job. If we have a job in today’s time then only we can take care of our family and children better. This is the reason that the youth are unable to find any work in the village, due to which they move towards the city in search of jobs.

Lack of employment?

It is not that our governments are not doing anything to generate employment for the youth. If you think so, then you are thinking absolutely wrong because every possible effort is being made by our government to create employment for the youth.

But it cannot be denied that the number of unemployment in our country is very high. But now your problem is going to be solved because as per the recent information, a portal is going to be released very soon to eliminate the employment problem of the youth.

Good news coming soon?

You would know that the employment market portal was launched by the Delhi government only last year. According to the report, through this portal all unemployed youth will get new employment opportunities and if seen, small and medium businessmen will also be able to get skill workers.

Mainly, the government is thinking of launching the Employment Market 2.0 portal, which is considered to be the best digital employment matching platform for an entry level employment. Apart from this, skill development and career advice will also be provided to you by the government.

What decision has been taken?

If seen, this employment portal is going to be started by the Delhi government as a skill acquired under Employment Market 1.0 and for job options for the youth across Delhi. It has also been decided to provide you jobs of national and international scale through this portal.

This employment portal will be considered a unique platform in itself. Employment Market 1.0 was launched in August 2020 by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during the Corona pandemic. If seen, this portal proved to be very helpful for our unemployed brothers. But in the new job market 2.0 app, you are going to get entry level jobs as well as skill development and career advice.

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Conclusion :-

So friends, how did we like this good news? I hope you have enjoyed this post. Yes, in today’s post, I have shared with you all the important information related to the new job market 2.0.

But if you have any important question related to New Job Market 2.0, then you can ask in our comment box. But if you like this post of ours, then do share it with your friends.